Someone Made A Set Of Star Wars Magic: The Gathering Cards And It’s Brilliant

Get your printers inked up. We gotta test this puppy out.

Magic: The Gathering is a ridiculously fun game to play. There’s a reason why it’s endured so many years and set after set, each with new game mechanics. We’ve bought tons of cards, many every deck combination possible, and yet we keep coming back for more. Star Wars, on the other hand, is a ridiculously fun franchise to watch. Even the worst of the films contribute something to the mythology, which has continuously stayed in the public consciousness.

Combine the two, and you have a force more powerful than you can possible imagine. Pun intended.

So… there’s a Star Wars version of Magic: The Gathering?

Yes, though it’s not official. It’s called Star Wars: The Gathering, and it’s been posted on imgur by the user WhinyTortoise. It’s only a first draft, apparently, but it features a shocking amount of painstaking detail.

What do you mean?

Well, first of all the artwork is fantastic. Taken from various sources ranging from deviant art to table top campaign guides, the art chosen is always reminiscent of the style of the actual Magic: The Gathering, which helps sell it as an extension of the base game.

The effects of the cards, as well as their mana costs and creature types are spot on. They even manage to include starships in the game, instead treating them like creatures with an upgraded version of the “flying” mechanic called “spaceflight,” which makes complete sense in the context of the setting:


Of course, you would think the only way to block a creature with spaceflight would be another starship, but the game has other ways of balancing the mechanic:

ion cannon

imp gunner

Any other cool mechanics?

Yup. Imperial troopers play much like Slivers in the base game, compounding effects on each other:

white trooper

shadow trooper

And the best part? In lore it all kinda makes sense.

Speaking of lore, the set uses it for some very dark in-jokes:



What about the hero cards?

Yoda, Dooku, and Palpatine are all Plainswalkers, which makes perfect sense. Other heroes are very cleverly set up, relying on effects instead of brute power:


Oh, and we may have lied about the Plainswalkers. As a joke, they threw Wicket in there too. It’s always the quite ones you gotta watch:


What time periods does it cover?

Both prequel and classic eras. There are even sorcery cards based on events from the films, helping to recreate famous battles:


We sincerely hope this gets the attention of the right people and becomes a real spin off set. Though, at the very least we can always print these babies out and glue them on cardboard. Either way, it’s a fantastic job and we hope to see more sets in the future.

Oh, and just because you were wondering… the Jar Jar card is perfect:

jar jar


  1. wow this is really great ! are this fan made or they really gonna see play ?

    1- if does see play imagine if wizards allow this to be a multiverse and be incorporated

    2- cant w8 for Lord of the rings edition :3

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