Infinite Crisis Going into Open Beta With Three New Characters

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Turbine’s DC Comics based MOBA, Infinite Crisis, will be entering open beta in a little less than a week.  In most updates only one new champion was introduced, but on March 12th, Mecha Superman, Green Arrow, and Aquaman will be entering the fray.

Green Arrow is a marksman who can stance dance, rotating between various abilities in succession to change the abilities of his arrows.  Currently there aren’t a whole lot of ranged carries, and while Infinite Crisis doesn’t seem quite as dependent as other MOBAs, it’ll be nice to see more varied picks.

Aquaman is a unique spell based champion.  While a lot of his abilities are familiar, his ultimate is one of the most unique I’ve seen in any MOBA.  Aquaman is able to change his ultimate based on the previous move used: he can charge at a target over a long distance, execute them based on their health, or flip them behind him as an escape or to catch a fleeing target.

Finally, Mecha Superman is a tanky support character providing crowd control on nearly all of his abilities.  He’s not particularly interesting, but this literal Man of Steel is sure to make waves in the competitive scene.

If you’re interested in jumping into Infinite Crisis, you can sign up on March 12th, or sign up early as a Founder.

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