Is There Any Truth to the Magus in Avengers: Infinity War Rumor?

A casting website has posted some very peculiar details regarding Avengers: Infinity War Part One

Before we go any further though, we’re about to be treading in some very rumor-filled waters here, so turn back now if you want to avoid any potential spoilers for the 2018 film.

So, what’s the word?

A casting website called Acting Auditions has posted a call for some unnamed principal roles in the upcoming film, which normally wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows. What has gotten fans buzzing is this very, very unusual plot synopsis that’s included in the casting call:

The film is the first in a two-part sequel in which Thanos plays a major role, along with the Magus. Adam Warlock’s bad side, the Magus, separates from his body and assembles the Infinity Gauntlet. Magus creates doppelgangers of Earth’s heroes as part of his plan to recreate a universe of evil.

That’s a bit weird, right? After all, Thanos has been the center of both Avengers mid-credits stinger scenes, as well as having a prominent role in Guardians of the Galaxy.

At this point, we’ve all basically assumed that he would take center stage in Infinity War… so what’s all this about Magus?

Wait, this sounds awfully familiar…

If this sounds like an old rumor to you, you’re not wrong. This exact rumor made the rounds three weeks ago, after AICN discovered a Production Weekly listing with a very similar plot synopsis for Avengers: Infinity War.

That’s where this rumor falls apart for me. It seems very likely to me that Acting Auditions is simply rehashing the information that Production Weekly put out earlier this month. In fact, the language Acting Auditions uses is nearly identical to the one published in Production Weekly, with the added addition of a brief mention that Thanos “plays a major role.”

In turn, Production Weekly’s synopsis reads pretty much like a summary of the Infinity War comic book event from the early 90s, which the film is taking its name from. Like Age of Ultron though, it’s unlikely that the movie version will be anywhere near a faithful adaptation.

Are you saying this is probably not true?

That’s my gut feeling on this. My guess is that Production Weekly used the synopsis for the comic (possibly unaware that the movie is not an adaptation) for its listing; and three weeks later, Acting Auditions borrowed from Production Weekly for its own casting call.

Either way, that doesn’t mean the casting call itself is fake (I can’t really comment on that), just that the plot synopsis attached is more than likely based on inaccurate information.

That being said though, as always, anything is possible. The “evil doppelganger” angle isn’t entirely out of left field, as Marvel will definitely need a good way to tie these big cosmic events into what’s happening on Earth. Making evil copies of various superheroes seems like a solid way to do it.

Minimizing Thanos’s role in favor of a character we haven’t even met yet though? That might not go over so well.

Fair enough, when will we be seeing it?

Avengers: Infinity War will be released in two parts, with both of them shooting back-to-back in early 2016.

In the meantime, Marvel has six more films between now and the planned 2018 release of Infinity War Part One, including a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, so we’ll be sure to keep this rumor in mind as we watch the story develop.

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