Could David Hasselhoff be Performing at Comic-Con?

David Hasselhoff is the voice behind True Survivor, the one-hit single from the 80’s inspired Kung Fury soundtrack. Even more surprising than the fact that he’s attached to the Kickstarter-backed project is that he actually has a pretty good voice.

Don’t believe me? Check it out.

Apparently, Hasselhoff will show up with the Kung Fury team during this year’s comic-con. He also wants to perform the hit runaway single — which already has close to 11 million views.

Will Hasselhoff Perform at Comic-Con?

According to David Sandberg, director of Kung Fury, Hasselhoff will be at Comic-Con.

“He coming to Comic-Con, and he really wants to perform.”

Kung Fury recently premiered at Cannes in the Directors’ Fortnight sidebar.

What the Hell Is Kung Fury?

Kung Fury is a martial arts, comedy and action film that’s heavily inspired by 80’s movies and pop culture. It pays homage to the martial arts and police-style movies from the era. Think, an over-the-top version of Beverly Hills Cop or Lethal Weapon — if that’s even possible.

Believe me, it is possible. The big bad in Kung Fury is Adolf Hitler.

The project was actually crowdfunded through Kickstarter and was remarkably popular during the funding phase. After watching the trailer, you can see why.

You’ve probably already seen the trailer by now — if you haven’t you can track it down pretty easily — so instead I’ll include commentary from Hasselhoff’s music video.

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