Jurassic World’s New Dinosaur Revealed in LEGO Form

Jurassic World‘s big, bad scary dino has been revealed… albeit in a much smaller (and plastic) form.

The images were leaked by the online Chinese LEGO store Toabao, and are likely from the first wave of LEGO Jurassic World sets that will be released next year. There are a couple more dinosaurs you can check out at the link (raptors and such), but the important one is this guy:

jurassic-world-d-rex-lego-2-25944 jurassic-world-d-rex-lego-1-25943

They’re calling it the “D-Rex,” although that might not be the official name. Why is this one notable? Well, because it seems to confirm a previous rumor about a genetically engineered dinosaur that will serve as the movie’s primary threat.

The report identified it as an original breed designed by the park’s geneticists in order to ramp up diminishing interest in the theme park. It was described as looking similar to the tyrannosaurus, but with light skin and red eyes, which seems to match this toy design pretty exactly.

What makes it so dangerous is the fact that unlike the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, which had frog DNA filling in the blanks in the genome, the D-Rex was created using DNA from a number of various (dangerous) animals.

When shit hits the fan and the dinos break free, it seems that this guy will be the one that provides the human characters with the most trouble.

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