Larusso – “Life In Static” [Album Review]

Do you pine for the days when you used to shop at Hot Topic and wear too much eyeliner? Do you wish you could go back to those middle-school days where you felt like Anberlin and New Found Glory really understood you?! Do you want to relive Warped Tour ’03 forever?!

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, Larusso is for you. Larusso is a pop punk band from Salt Lake City preparing to release a new album, “Life In Static,” in August of this year. I got to listen to “Life In Static” prior to its release, and I have to tell you, I was not impressed.

Look! They even hang out at the mall, the only place you ever wanted to go in middle school.

“Life In Static” is comprised of 13 songs and runs about 42 minutes long… and is so, so boring! Every song on the album sounds exactly the same to me. There is no range or depth within each song nor is there a variety of songs on the album itself. They really do all sound the same, with the exception of “Set Phasers To Fun,” the obligatory sing-song-y acoustic song that every band in this vein seems to include on each album. All of the songs definitely sound like a band that you would pass on one of the side stages of the Warped Tour. They sound like every band my sister used to listen to when she was in middle school. It’s all whiny vocals and that specific pop-punk-y distorted guitar. Absolutely nothing about it is original. Honestly, just think about a band you saw open up for Blink-182 or what your emo cousin made you listen to in the late 90s. That’s what Larusso sounds like. The album is not new, fresh, or inventive in any way at all.


I will say that “Life In Static” has a very inspiring message, encouraging perseverance and strength even in the face of adversity. The production of the album itself is solid— Matt Winegar (who mixed one of my favorite albums, “Frizzle Fry” by Primus) mixed the sound and the audio is crystal clear, but it’s not that this album is technically flawed; the problem is the music itself. Unfortunately, the positive message and production values are kind of the only kind words I have for this album. I really don’t enjoy writing negative reviews but sometimes it needs to be done.

“Life In Static” really is so static… it’s nothing that stands out. It’s just background noise; it’s an album with all filler and no real content. It’s bland and hollow. I’d give it one out of five stars. I would (and have!) advise 8CN readers about music that I thought was worth listening to even if it wasn’t particularly my thing… but this band, nope. Nothing I can recommend. It’s just not good. Sorry Larusso, I’m sure you’re all probably really nice dudes… but I just was not sold.

If you do want to listen to Larusso, you can check out their video for “The Voice” below and buy a copy of “Life In Static” beginning on August 15th.

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