RNRXRIP: March, 2018

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Each month we lose members of the music community, some big, some small, some nearly forgotten. RNR X RIP provides a place for us to memorialize and celebrate those that have played their last solo, hit their last high note, and taken their final bow. Rock on, brothers and sisters!

Dope rapper Alias.

Caleb Schofield of Cave In.

Country singer Kenny O’Dell.

Mike Harrisson, singer for Spooky Tooth.

Seo Min-woo of 100%.

Singer Rim Banna.

Shawn Elliot of Capitalist Casualties.

Singer Kak Channthy.

Killjoy of Necrophagia.

Singer Thom Moore.

Claudia Fontaine,

Singer songwriter Brandon Jenkins.

Ronnie Prophet.

Canadian rapper Bender.

Polish rapper Chada.

Craig Mack.

Van Mclain, guitarist for Shooting Star.

Laurence Cleary of The Blades.

Nokie Edwards of The Ventures.

Australian musician Jeff St John.

Reggae artist Joseph Israel.

Peter Cowling of Pat Travers Band.

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