LEGO Suddenly Put A Minecraft Killer on Steam Early Access

The licensed LEGO games have been a big hit for Warner Bros. Interactive, but with some exceptions they’re strictly linear affairs. Now, Warner Bros. hopes to capitalize on the most basic functions of building and imagination with their next game: LEGO Worlds.

What is LEGO Worlds?

Essentially? Minecraft with LEGOs. The game apparently drops you in a procedurally-generated world made out of (you guessed it) LEGOs. You can discover different LEGO creatures and vehicles that impact your experience. You can chance the environment or build whatever your current assortment of LEGOs will allow. You can also customize your character or build using materials from a “select number of real-life LEGO sets, taken from Classic and current LEGO themes!”

LEGO character

So, why is it on Steam Early Access?

Well, they’re still in the process of making it but it would stand to reason they’re looking for feedback during the development process.

And they want us to pay for it?

Admittedly, it’s all somewhat strange. However, it’s worth noting that of the time of this article, the first 233 reviews on steam have been very positive with a great deal of praise for the graphics and exploration. So, hopefully it will get more polish as development continues.

How much is it?

$14.99. Check out the Steam early access page here.

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