Marvel and Sony Are BFFs: Spider-Man Deal Didn’t Include Any Money Whatsoever

Friendship is truly in the air folks. While it would be logical to assume that someone had to break out the check book to make that Sony/Marvel Spider-Man deal happen, the truth of the matter is that somehow, against all odds, everyone involved realized that sometimes cooperating creates a better situation for everyone.

According to a report from Variety, the total amount of money that will trade hands as a result of this deal comes down to a big, fat $0.

Say whaaat?

Apparently, neither studio will share the profits from the others’ movies. That means Sony won’t get a cut if Spidey ends up in Civil War, and Marvel won’t get a slice of any Spider-Man movies Sony makes after that. Additionally, despite helping to produce the upcoming 2017 Spider-Man movie, Marvel’s Kevin Feige won’t be getting paid a dime.

That’s pretty incredible.

Indeed. It seems that both sides finally realized that it’s in everyone’s best interest to get Spider-Man at least somewhat into the capable hands of Marvel. It took the pair half a decade or so to agree with what the fans have been saying all along, but they’ve finally come around to the fact that with Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, everyone’s going to benefit (especially us moviegoers).

I heard there will be a new Spider-Man, is that true?

Well the juiciest new detail from that Variety report is that Spider-Man will definitely be recast, and Marvel/Sony want someone a lot younger. The current plan is to send Peter Parker back to high-school, so we’ll probably be looking at an actor in his early 20s.

Got it, any update on those other Spider-Man movies?

Yup. Variety reports that Sony is still interested in the previously planned spin-off films, including Venom, Sinister Six, and that mysterious female-centric one.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 though, has totally been canned. No surprise there.

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