Watch This Two Minute Battle Between Jason Voorhees and Scorpion

Lately, it seems like we’ve been getting a lot of weird mashups like the fight between a Predator and Templar Knights. It’s good to know these questions are being answered, but there is one I’ve casually contemplated. Who would win in a duel between Jason Voorhees and Scorpion?

Well, thanks to WTFLOL — interesting name, by the way — I no longer have to spend time pondering such frivolities. They put together a live-action parody of just that.

Where Can I Watch This Awesomeness?

Naturally, the video is embed below so you don’t have to go searching all over the web for it. Check it out:

I have a soft spot for Scorpion, so I’m not entirely sure I agree with this battle. Surely, he would have put up more of a fight? What do you think?

Apparently, these guys have some other videos that are worth watching too. A couple of the more notable ones include a Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness¬†fan film and a Super Mario Taken parody. No, I didn’t make those up. They’re real.

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