Watch a Predator Throw Down with Templar Knights in This Awesome Fan Film

Have you ever wondered what a fight between a Predator and Templars from the dark ages would look like? I’ve often pondered it myself. I spend a lot of time, alone in the dark wondering if the cold steel of a blade could outmatch the tech and stealth of a beastly alien.

Thanks to Predator: Dark Ages — a pretty rad fan film — I know exactly how such a fight would end and you will too.

Where Can I Watch This Fight?

The video is embed below for your viewing pleasure. Check it out:

Interesting ending huh? I half expected an assassin to jump out of the shadows and take out the templar at some point, but alas that never happened. The ending was plenty satisfying as is though,¬†wouldn’t you agree?

At least I can lay the Predator vs Templar question to rest. Plus, now I know what would happen if a Predator went head to head with someone from the dark ages. Even cold steel is no match for them. Then again, we are talking about fan fiction here.

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