See 8 Photos from an Iconic Batman V. Superman Scene Inspired by The Dark Knight Returns

It seems that the rumors are true, and Batman V. Superman will indeed feature yet another retelling of the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. It’s hard to imagine where this is going to fit in a movie that already features Wonder Woman and Superman at the very least, but it is a pretty iconic scene, and I suppose necessary to some degree if you’re going to be setting up a new version of Batman.

The scene was confirmed by a batch of leaked set photos, and from the looks of it, this version of that iconic murder is taking its cues from a very particular work: The Dark Knight Returns.

In that comic, the attack takes place outside of a movie theater, instead of an opera house like in some alternate retellings. The family had just gotten out of a showing of The Mark of Zorro, a movie that, in this version, provides many of the inspirations behind Batman’s costume and mannerisms.

Also worth noting is that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been long-rumored to be playing Thomas Wayne. It’s hard to see whether or not that’s true in these photos, but they certainly don’t rule that possibility out.

Here are those photos, and below that, a few pages from the scene in The Dark Knight Returns.

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