Batman V. Superman Trailer Leaks Early, Watch It Here

The Batman V. Superman trailer was supposed to debut next week in a one-time only IMAX event. Less than an hour ago though, a leaked copy emerged online.

If you’re interested in seeing it early, watch it while you still can below!

I missed it! What happened?

The trailer opens with VO discussing the controversy of Superman, including a statue of him spray painted with “False God” to chants of “go home!” We also see glimpses of Batman, without his mask at one point, as well as a line from Jeremy Irons’ Alfred.

Some of the glimpses of the action feature both a Batplane and the Batmobile, and it all ends with an armored Batman facing off against Superman a la the Comic-Con teaser, accompanied by Ben Affleck growling, “Do you bleed? You will…”

Who leaked it?

We’re not really sure. The video first emerged on YouTube via a burner account, and has since propogated to other video streaming sites. It appears to have been shot on a phone, and the Portugese subtitles may indicate that the leaker may be in Brazil. That’s all speculation though, and unless WB decides to investigate, we probably won’t know for sure.

How does WB feel about this?

The studio has not yet commented on the situation. If they react anything like Marvel did when the Age of Ultron trailer leaked though, expect an HD copy to be online soon.

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