Star Wars: The Force Awakens – What Past Is Finn Running From?

As if being a stormtrooper wasn’t bad enough.

Anakin was a slave, while Luke was a farmhand to an overbearing uncle. Obi-Wan was also trying to live up to a master who was loved despite being a maverick. All heroes have their baggage, though admittedly some have more than others. Thus far, we don’t really know what makes our new protagonists tick. Thanks to Oscar Isaac’s comments, we have a very good idea Poe Dameron is trying to live up to the heroes of the original trilogy, inspired by their actions on at Yavin and Endor. On the other hand, Rey’s primary concern seems to be survival.

Finn, on the other hand, is coming from Captain Phasma’s First Order stormtrooper corps. He’s probably done some unsavory things… but if’s new description of Finn makes us wonder if there’s even more to him.

What’s up on the Star Wars databank?

Here’s the new entry on Finn:

“A trained warrior desperate to escape his past, Finn is plunged into adventure as his conscience drives him down a heroic, but dangerous, path.”

Why is he desperate to escape his past?


That’s the question going through our minds. There are a few possibilities here:

The first possibility is that Finn was trained by the First Order since he was a child and always wanted to leave. The chance to presents itself in the film. However, if he’d been trained for so long it’s very possible he’d been indoctrinated to the First Order doctrine and wouldn’t want to escape.

It’s also feasible that Finn joined the First Order to get away from the past he’s trying to outrun. Perhaps he killed a man and became a stormtrooper to escape the authorities? If he is the one to rescue Poe from the First Order, perhaps he’s trying to find redemption for his past transgressions?

If he’s such an okay guy, why didn’t he join the Resistance?

Good people can join bad organizations. Sometimes it’s just your only option. We don’t know what part of the galaxy Finn is from, nor do we know how easy it is to find the Resistance. He probably took the only option available to him at the time.

If he’s been with the First Order for a while, it’s worth giving the character the benefit of the doubt and realize it’s very possible he grew disillusioned as he had to do more and more questionable things. After all, unless you’re a complete monster you’d have to question your boss if they made you kill helpless innocents over and over again. By the beginning of The Force Awakens, it seems the character has reached that point.

Of course… switching sides is never easy. But we think the movie will cover that part.

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