The Newest James Bond Story Is Bringing Back A Famous Bond Girl

We all know James Bond from the legendary film series spawned by Ian Fleming’s novels, but even after the author’s death the novels have continued at the hands of other scribes. Not just merely published fan fiction, these books have been official entries into the series. Now, the latest entry, Trigger Mortis by novelist Anthony Horowitz, is having Bond cross paths with a very famous woman from his past.

Well, don’t hold us in suspense. Who?

Pussy Galore.

Is the book version of Pussy Galore different?

Oh yes. In the book, she’s the leader of an all lesbian organized crime gang based out of Harlem. She tells Bond she became a lesbian after her uncle sexually abused her when she was twelve years old.


Yeah. Let’s not dwell on the views of Fleming or his era.

So… when did we last see Pussy Galore in the book?

The book actually ends in a fairly similar fashion as the film. Pussy and Bond escaped Goldfinger’s plane and are rescued from their life raft. Pussy then asks Bond to write to her, to which Bond replies, “They told me you only liked women.”

Pussy then tells him “I never met a man before.”

Then they kiss.



Yeah. Please ask me about the plot.

Fine. What’s the plot of this one?

We’re not entirely sure on the details, however it’s based on Fleming’s treatment for an unfilmed episode of a James Bond television series that never aired because the films became popular. The treatment in question, Murder on Wheels, has Bond get involved in a Formula One race in Nürburgring, Germany and then complications ensue.


How does Pussy Galore come in?

We’re not entirely sure. Trigger Mortis is actually a period piece set only two weeks after the events of Galore’s first appearance in the book Goldfinger, which means the date is 1957.  It’s worth noting that this is the first book not written by Fleming that takes place inside the timeline of his initial stories. Lucy Fleming recently spoke on Horowitz’s writing, “Each writer has their own style, but I think Anthony is closest to Ian’s style. And he has the page-turning effect of making you think ‘what the hell is going to happen next?’ He’s worked Murder on Wheels in brilliantly – it’s woven into the whole thing.”

Trigger Mortis

Are there other treatments that could be turned into books or films?

Actually many of the plots Fleming created for a Bond TV show were turned into short stories that would eventually become films. They include Octopussy, The Living Daylights, and For Your Eyes Only. Apparently, there are a few outlines that were never published… which makes you wonder.

Maybe one day we’ll see them appear somewhere.

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