New Music Monday: Coldplay, Rick Ross, Simple Minds, and More!

Happy Monday music maniacs! Like new stuff? Great! You’ve come to the right place. Each week all sorts of audiolicious goodies are unleashed onto the masses and this is where they come to be judged. I’ll tell ya what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s a waste of your time. Thanks for stopping by!

The Big News!

Getting kind slow ’round these new music parts lately, kiddos. Just that time of year. Only a half a handful of new releases this week, and next week’ll be even thinner. And almost everything coming out right now is “big important stuff”. Preparing for that big Christmas push, I reckon. I’m diligently chipping away at my list of favorite records release this year to sculpt a few nice, svelte top ten lists that I’ll post early next month. And after that I’ll probably go into hibernation until after the new year. If you have any suggestions or top ten lists of your own feel free to leave them in the comments.

Back to the point – the big news this week! New Rick Ross, Hood Billionaire, the second release this year from the big phony rapper, drops this week. Features contributions from artists like Big K.R.I.T and Jay Z.

And Coldplay’s companion to their latest release Ghost Stories, a live record called Ghost Stories Live oozes into existence on Monday.

Skip This Part

New Pitbill.

Dance Dance

DJ / producer / button pusher extraordinaire reveals Listen, his sixth record, and first since 2011. This one features collaborations with “artists” like NIcki Minaj, John Legend, and Skylar Grey.

Blast From Da Past

Grunge gods Soundgarden unveil a massive rarities collection Echo of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path, which features three discs of covers, oddities, and other associated clap-trap.

My Recommendation

Fuck it, I’ll recommend Big Music, the new release from ‘80s legends Simple Minds. It’s the Scottish masters’ sixteenth record and first since 2009. The Kilburn Times called it “ebullient, if a little stale around the edges”. I love ebullient things!

Next Week

Tune in next week, same new music time, same new music channel, for new stuff from AC/DC and Wu Tang!

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