NMW: John Mellencamp, Mariah Carey, Mumford and Sons, and More!!

End of the week means the beginning of new music. Grab your headphones and follow me!

The Big News

First some business, this is the last proper NMW update of the year. Next week is Thanksgiving and I usually spend that week sorting through the records I’ve acquired over the last year so, as usual, I doubt I’ll publish an update. But it is possible. After the holiday it’s list and holiday music time. So tune back in on November 29 for my top ten songs of 2018, then again on December 6 and 13 for two installments of my top 20 albums of the year. As usual, some surprises, I don’t always cover everything I dig in the weekly updates. That will be followed by a holiday music post on December 20. After that, well, I might be back in the new year, I might not. I’ll let ya know.

There are three big new releases this week. First up, legendary siren Mariah Carey offers up her first album in four yeas, Caution. Like the fourteen other Mariah Carey albums that preceded it, I will probably never hear this one either.

Here’s the new Mumford and Sons. Delta is the band of gentlemens’ fourth effort.

And classic rocker John Mellencamp retuns with Other People’s Stuff, a covers record.

My Recommendation

It’s not out until the end of the month but the new stuff from Acid Mother’s Temple and The Melting Parasio UFO is, well, fantastic.

Next Week 

Tune in two weeks from now for my favorite songs of the year!

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