Songs They Send Us: Watch This Dude Act Really Creepy to Sell Cat Food

People send us songs. We pass them on to you. Because we love you.

Meow Mix is my favorite brand of cat food. I eat it all the time when I’m broke. It’s cheap, and multi-colored, and mixes well with beer to make a nice cardboard-y soup. It’s lovely! One of the reasons I prefer to eat Meow Mix when I’m drunk and broke is the jingle the brand used to advertise when I was a kid. I know you know it, it’s the one that goes “Meow Meow Meow Meow” over and over. Always makes me hungry.¬†Here’s their next attempt at getting into your head (and belly). It features everyone’s favorite everything, country music and cats. It also features rising country music star JR Moore romancing¬†a cat.

Makes me so hungry I wish Meow Mix qualified for food stamp purchase!


Here’s an original Meow Mix jingle.

And my favorite!

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