NMW: Joy Formidable, Loretta Lynn, Cypress Hill, and More!!!

Yet another week comes to a close which means it’s time for new music!! Each week a whole slew of new stuff is splooged onto the masses and I’m here to sift through it all. I’ll tell ya what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s a waste of your goddamn time! Thanks for stopping by!

Big News

The Joy Formidable are big news, right? People dig that band, I think. Anyway, the Welsh outfit’s senior effort Aaarth! finds the light of day this week.

Legendary Legends

The long awaited forty first album from American treasure Loretta Lynn emerges this week. It is her first album since suffering a stroke last year.

Hip hop legends Cypress Hill are back with Elephants on Acid, their first in eight years.

Everything Else

Grunge icons Mudhoney offer up Digital Garbage.

Indigo Girl Amy Ray offers up Holler.

Hip Hop Horray!!

Something new from Lupe Fiasco.

And new stuff from Logic.

Next Week

Tune in next week for new stuff from: Coheed and Cambria!

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