NMW’s Ten Super Creepy Songs For Halloween 2018

No holiday is complete without the proper music. Christmas has Bing Crosby and his silver balls and mistletoe. Independence Day has John Phillips Sousa, and Valentines Day has Lionel Richie. But Halloween, with it’s songs about dancing monsters and stuff like that is the king of ‘em all, y’all. So let’s dig a little deeper. Let’s get into some really eerie shit. Here’s ten of the creepiest songs I could find!

Styx, “Witch Wolf”

Despite the badass name, Styx is not known for being particularly intimidating or scary, but this early effort is pretty hardcore.

Misfits, “Demonmania”, Earth AD

No Halloween is complete…

Albert Ayler, “Ghosts” Spiritual Unity

Free jazz came be scary!!

Witchfinder General, Friends of Hell”, Friends of Hell

My least favorite band of all time, Witchfinder General!

Tito Puente, “Witch Doctor’s Nightmare”

From the master himself!

Alien Sex Fiend, “Dead and Buried”

The Arthur Lyman Group, “Taboo Tu”

Shawn Ames, “Zombies Walk Among Us”

Friend of NMW and overall great guy, Mr Ames shares some scary social commentary.

Fang, “Diary of a Mad Werewolf”, Landshark / Where the Wild Thing

Dr John, “The Night Tripper Zu Zu Mamou”

Yeah, fuck this!


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