The Originals: Can the Day Be Saved Without Klaus?

Any regular follower of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals knows that Klaus, in all his questionable glory, is often the hero. When he first made his appearance, he was set as the cut and dry villain.

But, over the course of both shows, we saw sides of Klaus that made him less of a villain and more of simply the antagonist. Klaus has always used fear to invoke the actions of those around. Fear, so that those around him would not turn against him, and fear that those around him would not leave him, which, in a way, forces the existence of the “family” he’s always wanted.

However, despite the fact that Klaus is often the antagonist, like any character, he has baggage and vulnerabilities. Yet, in every case where he has something he cares about, he has fought and won.

Saving the “Weaklings”


He saved Caroline when she got bit by Tyler. He saved Caroline, Elena, and Stefan from the dead witches. He saved Elena again when she had werewolf venom in her system. He tried to save Kieran when he was hexed and then saved Camille from Kieran when he was a vampire. But, we’ve recently had a turn in that, this is the first time that Klaus has been daggered and is not going to be in action in the fight that is the most important to him: protecting Hope.

Playing the Chess of Life

But, the question is can they actually win without Klaus? It’s difficult to say. While Hayley is a hybrid now, Klaus is a 1,000 year strong hybrid. Mikael, who is now dead, was the only one that seemed to par up to Klaus’s strength. His siblings now are thinking that they have a better chance of defeating Dahlia if Klaus is put to sleep for the time being to save them all from his paranoia, thereby making it difficult to form a coherent plan.

While Klaus is not just physically strong, but he is smart. While each of his siblings (aside from perhaps Finn) have kindness and compassion, Klaus drops the pleasantries and decides he will trust no one, leaving much of his success to the fact that he is always second-guessing people’s motives.


I suspect that Klaus will come to the rescue in the fight to protect Hope, as while his siblings are smart and know how to work together, Klaus has them beat in many ways when it comes to playing the chess of life.

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  1. I think Klaus is better suited for this fight because he’s unfettered. There is almost nothing he won’t do in pursuit of a goal. Elijah and Rebekah don’t have the same viciousness that’s needed for a confrontation with Dahlia, and Freya? Pfft, she’s his equal in every way but the one that counts, deviousness. When you’re about to fight a monster, wouldn’t you want a monster that’s every bit as vicious on your side? Not to mention the backlash their decision to dagger him will have. I can almost guarentee Jackson’s die and everyone excluding Camiee will suffer. Btw, why hasn’t he killed Davina? It can’t be cause she’s a kid, because he’s killed children before.

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