The Originals Spoilers and Speculation: Night Has a Thousand Eyes

So, this episode of The Originals surprised me a great deal. Last episode hinted that Freya was going to get the chance to turn all of her siblings against Klaus, since he was never going to trust her anyway. But, instead we finally got to meet Dahlia.

Aiden’s Betrayal

These past few episodes, we’ve seen the development of the relationship between Josh, the hopeless romantic vampire and Aiden, the ever-cautious werewolf. It’s the new Romeo and Juliet, but let’s hope neither of them die. It looks like it’s going to be a close call soon though. Aiden is clearly having trouble deciding where to place his loyalty. We saw early in this season that Klaus was hoping to get rid of Jackson, for a few reasons: 1) to free up Hayley for Elijah, 2) get rid of someone who is trying to undermine Klaus’ authority, and 3) to put someone in place who “owes Klaus.”

Now, Aiden has now proven that he was willing to thwart Jackson’s plans under the threat of disobeying Klaus’ wishes. What we’ll be expected to see is where Aiden’s loyalties lie: will he side with Klaus, who is gunning for him to be the new alpha or to Jackson, the current alpha with who he shares a lot of history.

We’ve gotten bit of foreshadow though: in Aiden’s conversation with Josh, he mentions how Josh doesn’t understand the pack dynamic. Does this hint then that perhaps Aiden will justify betraying Jackson as being “good for the pack?”

Questionable Freya (might need a new witch…)

Freya is a little all-over-the-place. First of all, she told us from the very beginning that she and Dahlia were linked and that Dahlia channels Freya’s power. Yet, she now seems to be somewhat surprised by the fact. What’s also causing me worry is Freya’s disdain for Dahlia- as she appears to have quite the venomous hatred for her.

This leads me to question if there won’t come a time soon where she is going to be willing to sacrifice one of her newfound family members to get rid of Dahlia. With the “recent” awareness that Freya is linked to Dahlia, this means that the only witch they really have at their disposal is Davina, but who knows how willing she is going to be to help- Klaus might just still hold Kol’s ashes for ransom as long as he needs to. Can Freya no longer be needed then?

Klaus being Klaus

Once again, we had Klaus being Klaus. Mikael and Klaus revealed their weapon against Dahlia: the dagger that had the combination of Viking blood, Norwegian dirt, and Freya’s blood, but it’s been destroyed. What was a tad unexpected was that in order to forge a new weapon, Klaus stabbed Mikael with the white oak stake, meaning he’s dead, for real this time.

Now, yes, Klaus has always hated Mikael, but it seems that Mikael did show a slight amount of remorse for how he had treated Klaus after all those years. To be honest, as much as Mikael was a disdainful character, he seemed to keep his word when he gave it; it just seems sad to see an honorable character die.

Meeting Dahlia

And, the woman we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: Dahlia. And, yes, she is powerful, but is she as powerful as Freya suggests? It’s hard to say if she could have killed Mikael and Klaus. She looked like she was about to at the end before Freya arrived, as both their faces seemed to be draining, as if they’d been daggered. As she doesn’t have the white oak stake, it’s hard to say if she actually could kill them. For Mikael now it doesn’t really matter, but we’ll have to see about Klaus. What seems to be lacking with Dahlia is much of a backstory, like why she wants so much power.

Most power-hungry villains are somehow slighted in their youth, leading them down crazed paths to attain power so they can wrong those who wronged them. But, we haven’t gotten Dahlia’s backstory yet. Was she jealous of Esther because of a love interest? Was she overlooked as a child behind Esther’s beauty? Is keeping Freya and every firstborn child a retaliation because she can’t have children of her own? Or, perhaps she can’t find anyone who loves her, so she takes children for herself?

She seems to have respect for witches, as noted by her treatment of Josephine. So, what her anger might stem from would be her pursuit of magic being laughed at when she was a child, as Esther was not nearly as powerful as she is. But, it is interesting to note that her small amount of kindness to Josephine is the first we’ve seen from her. It’s hard to say. But, I’m excited to hear her backstory.

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