Our Favorite Photos from the iam8bit 10th Anniversary Gallery

Yesterday, gaming-themed art gallery and production company iam8bit celebrated 10 years of operation with a breathtaking gallery of artwork reimagining and paying homage to the undying classics.

The gallery opened at the close of E3’s final day, and it was obvious that many of the pilgrims arriving to the event were still riding off the same high, and chose one of LA’s most renowned geek-centric galleries to cap off an already spectacular week. On display were works from over 100 renowned artists, such as Luke Chueh, Ken Wong, and Derick Maasen, with DJs spinning into the night, and the requisite food truck lot out back. Events like these reaffirm that Los Angeles truly does love its gamers.

The Floor

Some of my favorite attractions of the night? How about a desk-sized, completely functional wooden Super Nintendo controller, big enough for synchronized play between you and a buddy?

DSCF7249 Wooden Nintendo

As for my favorite art piece, I gotta say hat’s off to Jude Buffum‘s display of sundry vintage gaming remedies: Phoenix Down, Holy Water, Fairy Bitters, everything a hero could need.

by Jude Buffum

And finally, this one-of-a-kind, 2-inch painting by Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time, all yours for the humble price of $1,000,000.

Forever Stuck - Pendleton Ward

All in all, a beautiful night from LA’s most ambitious art collective. Here’s wishing iam8bit the best of luck–from the Legend of Zelda immersive installations to the Street Fighter Club underground events, there’s really no telling what they have in store next.

Check out the rest of our favorites in the gallery below, and don’t miss the next show!

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