Powers Episode 10 Season Finale Recap: An Abrupt End, so What Comes Next?

Powers ended with a bang this week. Sadly, it was the season finale so who knows how long we’ll have to wait for the next season to drop? It doesn’t seem to be very popular, so I’m curious if we’ll even see a second season.

I wanted to take some time to process everything that happened before I rushed out a piece on it. Specifically, I wanted to rewatch the episode and mull over what might be coming next. What can I say, I’m thorough?

What Happened in Episode 10: [email protected]#K the Big Chiller?

Wolfe from Powers TV series

Consider this your SPOILER WARNING. As I did with the previous episode, I’m just going to recap the major events.

With Wolfe on the loose, the Powers Division — with the help of Retro Girl — chased him down. They collectively decided that he could no longer be held in containment, and instead decided to kill him once and for all.

As I predicted, Walker and Pilgrim enlist Royale’s help in exchange for clemency.

Triphammer tries to use portable drainers to take Wolfe down, while the villain battles with Zora. The drainer ends up backfiring, and it knocks Triphammer out. Wolfe was free to beat the living shit out of Zora, which later in the episode we see causes her to end up bedridden in the hospital.

Wolfe eventually ends up back at Johnny Royale’s club, alone with Calista. He promises her unlimited power before Walker and Royale show up to break up the party. After a bit of dialogue between the group, a battle ensues. Retro Girl bursts through a window and takes down Wolfe. Walker tries to steal his powers back but fails.

Eventually, Walker trashes Wolfe’s powers using a drainer bomb, but in his final moments, Wolfe is somehow able to transfer his power to Calista. Pilgrim riddles Wolfe’s now-normal body with bullets, killing him once and for all.

The episode seems to close out with Walker talking to everyone about what happened and making the necessary amends. He also seems to come to grips with the fact that he is no longer a superhero, and never will be again.

Just when you think it’s going to fade to black, Walker gets a call. He rushes to the theater — where Zora once fought the hired power. As he approaches the crime scene we see that Retro Girl has been murdered, her throat is slit wide open. A single message has been spray painted on the white sheet below her, “Khaotic Chic.”

Did Krispin and his new girlfriend kill Retro Girl, or was it someone else?

The episode ends as we see tears streaming down Walker’s face; elsewhere Calista hops off a roof — revealing that she now has Retro Girl’s flying power.

Holy Shit, That Was Nuts, Right?


The season started out slow I have to admit, but it picked up quite a bit at the end. The final episode was hands down the most impactful, not just because Wolfe and Retro Girl died but also because it closed out some of the relationships we’ve been watching unravel for ten episodes.

In the end, Walker makes amends with Calista, Royale, Zora and even Retro Girl before she turns up dead. Pilgrim learns that Walker may be overzealous, but he’s strong and trustworthy. Zora learns that her independence is good, yet she still needs to heed advice from others.

Finally, Calista learned she really is a power. Then again, I’m not so sure she was ever one. Wolfe transferred his powers to her, and we do see her with Retro Girl’s flying ability. Is it possible that Calista actually killed her? Did she frame Krispin with the Khaotic Chic signature?

The biggest upset for me was that Walker never got his powers back. There was a moment when he started to drain Wolfe that I thought it was going to happen. I’d love to see Walker don his Diamond suit and hit the skies. Then again, the show wouldn’t have anywhere to go since it’s primarily about Walker and his Powers division.

What’s Going to Happen Next Season?

You know, I’m going to be totally honest here and say I have no clue. Royale and Walker made amends, and Wolfe is dead so there shouldn’t be any more Sway on the market. Because of that, I have no idea who’s going to be the big bad next season. Perhaps, it will be Calista with her new powers? That doesn’t make any sense though, seeing as she was never portrayed as inherently evil, just a bit mischievous.

The Khaotic Chic crew won’t be the big bad — I hope — because if their shtick is true, nobody in the group has powers. They’re just a bunch of regular humans. Then again, they killed two superheroes by slitting their throats — unless someone else took out Retro Girl.

What do you think?


  1. I’m always confused about retro girl’s abillity, they say that she has invulnerability, than how hell is a possible for somebody to just cut her throat? If Calista did kill her which seem to be the case, I’m going to be curious how? She had her neck sliced.

  2. near the end of the show after walker leaves johnny’s bar he is seen ripping up the retro girl card from his deck just like he did after Olympia died, but they hadn’t heard about retro girl yet so did johnny have something to do with her death

  3. I believe that season 2 will pick up with Callista’s new found power. There is a good chance that she will have the same hunger as Wolfe now that she has his power. In the moment they shared while holding hands, the flower she reached for started bleeding. I think that may indicate that she will be hungry as Wolfe. Her ties to Krispin seem to be over so why not frame him or the Kaotik Chic movement for Retro Girl’s murder? You see her leave all her Retro Girl posters at Royalle’s place then she ends up with her flying ability. She could not have absorbed that power because Retro Girl never took sway, so she needed her blood.

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