Pro Counter-Strike Player’s Stream Crashed by a Real-Life SWAT Team

A pro Counter-Strike player’s game got a little bit too real when actual police officers showed up at his house mid-stream. They were apparently called by an anonymous tipster as part of a (very illegal) prank known as “swatting.”

The streamer was none other than Jordan Gilbert (n0thingTV) of Team compLexity, which makes it likely that the prankster used Gilbert’s public profile to track down his real-life address.

You can see a clip of the incident below, as well as the before and after in the full stream archive here.

While Gilbert was able to clear things up with the police, and actually return to the game shortly afterwards, that has to be the most awkward time to have “Terrorists Win” plastered across your monitor (and a guy on voice chat asking, “where’s the bomb?”).

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