Remember Star Wars: Aftermath? It’s The First Of A Trilogy Leading Toward The Force Awakens.

The Empire, it seems, isn’t giving up without a fight.

Just yesterday we got the official synopsis for the book, but now it seems that according to Entertainment Weekly Aftermath author Chuck Wendig will be penning two more follow up novels to form a trilogy that bridges the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Del Ray also made an announcement on the matter.

What are the books about?

Unfortunately, the plot and characters in the books are unknown at the moment. We only know they most likely take place after Star Wars: Aftermath, which means they fall in the post-Return of the Jedi timeframe that will give us hints on what the setting is like in The Force Awakens.


Can we speculate on what they’ll be about?

Of course. Aftermath seems to be about a meeting within the Empire’s top leaders to discuss what they will do in the wake of the Battle of Endor and the loss of their two leaders, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine.

If Aftermath is just about that meeting, then they will have to reach a decision for a plan of action by the end of the narrative. The second book will most likely be about carrying out that decision while the third book will be about the final outcome.

What decision will they reach?

We don’t know for certain, but our guess is they will counter attack the New Republic with everything they have, leading to a long bloody war of attrition that will go on for a while.

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