Robin Hood: Origins Finds Its Director

Robin Hood Begins. No, wait.

Robin Hood Rises. No… that’s not it either.

Robin Ho… what is it again?

*checks cue cards*

Ah, yes, Robin Hood: Origins… which is not to be confused with the three or four other Robin Hood projects out there… has just found its director according to Deadline: Otto Bathurst.

Who’s Otto Bathurst?

He’s a director who’s worked on a number of BBC projects, most notably an episode of Black Mirror and the first three episodes of Peaky Blinders. Both shows are fantastic, so it’s a reason to be optimistic.

What will this movie be like?

It’s a Dark Knight/Batman Begins style reboot of the Robin Hood story. As with the original tale, Robin returns from the crusades to find that his old stomping ground, Sherwood Forest, has taken a turn for the worse in the areas corruption and oppression. In response, Robin uses his militaristic skills he learned doing the crusades to form a band of outlaws and take down the man.

The reboot, however, is said to be a very gritty take on the material… so expect Robin’s band of merry men to be significantly less merry. Lionsgate is behind the film with Leonardo DiCaprio ‘s Appian Way and Safehouse Pictures producing.

Writer Joby Harold, who’s also behind a shared universe series reboot of King Arthur titled Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur, has penned Robin Hood’s script.

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