Avengers: Age of Ultron Clip Leaks, Sets Up Marvel’s Civil War

We got all of the announcements from the big Marvel event earlier that went down earlier week, but what didn’t arrive online were the two new videos they showed. Luckily for us (albeit probably frustrating for Marvel), both of them were discretely filmed and leaked online. The first one, a teaser for Avengers: Infinity War, hit the web yesterday, and now we’ve got a pretty decent look at the second: a full scene from Age of Ultron that succinctly sets the stage for Civil War.

As usual, watch it before it’s gone.

If that wasn’t spoilery enough for you, here’s the breakdown. Basically, this scene takes place after the Avengers have just gotten the crap kicked out of them by Team Ultron. They’ve decided to take refuge at Hawkeye’s farm (that is so Hawkeye to own a farm).

As you can hear, Thor is off “looking for answers.” Why? Because Scarlet Witch absolutely destroyed them in their last encounter by showing some kind of visions to each of the Avengers; and what they saw wasn’t too cheery.

From the sound of it though, Captain America wasn’t really affected by Scarlet Witch, which Tony Stark alludes to by saying he doesn’t trust someone without a dark side.

Things come to a head over the idea of how best to protect the world. Tony Stark believed he needed to create an army to defend it in place of the Avengers (which led to the accidental creation of Ultron), while Captain America comments that every time someone tries to win a preemptive war, innocents die (while also ripping a log in half with his bare hands, holy crap).

This has got to be Civil War in a nutshell, and a really interesting lead-in to exploring just how differently Stark and Rogers look at their responsibility as Avengers.

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