Rumor: Is Batman v. Superman’s Robin a Woman?

Here there be rumors, spoilers, and possibly illegal information. Tread lightly and get your grains of salt ready because an extra risked a reported $5 million dollar breech of nondisclosure agreement lawsuit to bring us this information. Was he a Bothan? Maybe.

In an interview with WILX-10 in Detroit, Michigan, where the film is being shot, the anonymous (Bothan?) tipster revealed that the Carrie Kelley version of Robin will be in the film. He further went on to strengthen reports that she’ll be played by Jena Malone from The Hunger Games. She was seen visi

ting the set, and also Instagrammed a shot of her new red hairdo.

I’m pretty excited at the prospect of seeing Carrie Kelley on film. I think Jena Malone would be a fine choice for the character and a good foil for Batfleck. It’s time to get out the grains of salt though. Likelihood that the report of Carrie Kelley Robin are true: high. It’s good and specific and has little chance of changing. Chance that Jena Malone is cast in that role? lower, but still pretty good. A visit to the set doesn’t mean much. There are dozens of reasons she might be there. There are enough rumors swirling around her that it seems likely she’s in the film, but it’s still all rumor being confirmed by an anonymous source.

He also claimed that the scene being shot on Michigan State University campus is a battle between Lex Luthor and Batman involving plenty of explosions, special effects, the military and the paparazzi. I don’t see any real reason to doubt that one beyond it’s anonymous source.

Again, I’m pretty excited, and I hope it’s true, but there’s all kinds of possibilities here, including all of us being dicked around by Warner Bros. The leaks, denials, confirmations and no comment games are starting to get a bit out of hand around these comic book movies. I wouldn’t put it past anybody to pump up some more hype and sow a few untruths to keep us guessing about the final product. What do you think? Credible or not?

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