Scarface Remake Incoming Courtesy of Chilean Filmmaker Pablo Larraín

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Pablo Larraín has been hired to direct a remake of Scarface for Universal. The new version of the film will transplant the story to modern day Los Angeles, with the titular character being Mexican instead of Cuban this time around.

This will be the third Scarface movie, with the 1983 version being a loose remake of the original 1932 film. The 1983 film followed a Cuban immigrant played by Al Pacino, chronicling his epic rise and fall from power in Miami. The original featured an Italian immigrant in Chicago, and was based around real-life gangster Al Capone.

According to The Wrap, Larraín was tapped for the new remake due to his “commanding and passionate vision,” as well as the unique perspective he brought having never worked in the Hollywood studio system. Larraín has previously directed Tony Manero and No, the latter of which was nominated for the foreign language Oscar.

Two-time Oscar nominee and writer of Donnie Brasco Paul Attanasio wrote the most recent draft of the screenplay.

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