So… Terminator: Genisys Might Get A Sequel After All

Still a maybe, but less of a maybe than before.

It was widely known that the filmmakers behind Terminator: Genisys wanted a trilogy of films based on the franchise starting with their latest release. However, Genisys was greeted with a harsh response from critics and fans alike. With a disappointing domestic box office haul of $89 million dollars, it seemed to many that the proposed trilogy wouldn’t be made before the rights for the franchise reverted to James Cameron in 2019.

That is, before they saw the international numbers.

How well did Terminator: Genisys do internationally?

It has made $350 million internationally. According to Slashfilm, it made $27 million in a single day at China’s box office. Typically, a film is considered successful if it makes 2.5 times its budget at the box office (not counting home video sales). Terminator: Genisys reportedly cost $155 million to make, so given those international figures it’s actually very close to being considered a success. It’s also currently the 10th most successful film of the year… though we’re sure that will change with some of the larger fall and winter releases.


So, because of China we might be getting a sequel to Terminator: Genisys?

Like we said, it’s still a maybe. Public opinion actually does¬† have some sway on whether we’ll get a sequel. Genysis is currently the worst reviewed movie of the franchise. If it had something like a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, we’re willing to bet the talk of a sequel would be much more vocal at Hollywood. As it stands now, we may get a sequel… but if we do some it’s possible some behind the scenes changes will occur to ensure the audience reaction is more positive in order to ensure a larger domestic haul.

If a sequel does happen, when would it come out?

That’s the tricky part. The rights are going back to James Cameron in 2019… which means the filmmakers have two years to make each movie with they want to complete their trilogy. That doesn’t give the screenwriters, production team, and special effects guys much time to put everything together. While one could might make the same argument for something like the Star Wars or Marvel films, keep in mind each movie has its own dedicated team devoted to its creation that works in tandem with the other teams for other films. That’s a lot of man power.


Is there any way to make the movies on time and do it well?

One possibility was actually tossed around before Genisys came out: write both movies and shoot them back to back. However, that approach has has had varying results. For every Lord of the Rings or Back to the Future¬†trilogy, you have the Matrix or Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. We’ll just have to wait and see.


  1. I’m the harshest critic of movies that are not good. And this movie was great. All the previous ones have their own baggage. Like t2 way too long and the action was not evenly paced. T1 production quality was eh. T3 overly convoluted with action just for the sake of action. T4 too serious and almost disconnected from the series altogether… So sure all movies have their pit falls. But what terminator genisys does is wipe the board free and start fresh. With zero need to adhere to the Canon. Which needed to happen. The sequel needs to be chalk full of story and back story… But not force fed to the audience. I think a sequel is warranted. I also know I am getting terminator genisys immediately after its release. Saw it twice in the theater. Loved it. Sure had its pit falls but had great stuff too.. Rewatchable movie…

    1. I agree whole heartedly.

      I have just been really confused by the reactions to this film, I saw in in IMAX
      3D and had a blast.

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