Songs They Send Us: King Kartel Welcome You With “Come At Me Now”

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People send us songs. We pass them on to you, because we love you.

Hailing from Manchester, England (via Northern Ireland), King Kartel play the sort of inspired, drunken post-punk that will always draw comparisons to The Libertines, but with enough inflections of intelligence to notice The Jam in their bloodline. Raging off the success of a UK tour and their debut EP Not Done Fighting, the band’s latest single “Come At Me Now” is garnering praise all over the place. It’s a snotty, well dressed little singalong with one boot slipping on the ale soaked barroom floor, and one fist flying at the face of the bloke that just pissed you off. And it do sound like The Libertines, which be a good thing, yessir!!
From the press release:
“‘Come At Me Now’ prove the King Kartel aren’t afraid to embrace their pop sensibilities which combine with their indie rock sound to create a storming single which is set to raise the profile of the Manchester based band even higher.”

And a video version:

King Kartel on Facebook and Twitter.

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