Sounds Great: Austria’s Hackmonocut is a Bad Seed

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Combining the gnashed angst of The Birthday Party with the deformed calculations of Big Black and Killing Joke, Hackmonocut’s new record, The Sum of My Parts, gnaws at you, festering, and infected like an open wound. Consisting of nine songs about murder and love (the only subjects worth writing about anymore), Parts oozes filth and disgust, and like a wound, it requires your attention. Ignoring it because it’s ugly will only make it worse. This is Austrian musician’s second critically adored effort of unfriendly and uncompromising “alternative rock noir”. Like I said, it’s got a strong Nick Cave vibe at it’s core, but fans of Nine Inch Nails or even Tool would probably dig the darkness he’s offering. You need to listen to this crazy, Nick Cave sounding lunatic and his trashy, trodden, devil music. The record will be released on August 14, but here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Incidentally, this is the first record I’ve received that has been promoted from the Songs They Send Us pile to Sounds Great, that’s how much I like this record.

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