Square Enix Registers Two New Trademarks

Two European trademarks for what sound like new Square Enix IPs have been discovered.

One of the games is called World of Assassination, while the other is called Puzzle Soccer. Neither of the trademarks reveal anything about the specific nature of the games though.

puzzle soccer world of assassination

To me, Puzzle Soccer definitely sounds like a mobile title, an area that Square Enix has been getting involved in over the past few years. The publisher has plans for at least seven mobile games in 2015 alone, including three Final Fantasy spin-offs.

World of Assassination meanwhile sounds like an awful place to live. It could also be related to the Hitman series, which Square Enix publishes, although it’s a rather cartoon-y name for a pretty self-serious franchise. It might also be a term used in a game, rather than an actual title itself, perhaps for the upcoming mobile release Hitman: Sniper.

We’ll update you with more details as we find them. A big thank you to ekim on NeoGaf for discovering the two trademarks.

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