Star Wars: Battlefront’s Playable PC Debut Will Happen at Comic-Con

Star Wars: Battlefront was finally playable at E3 earlier this month, but only using PS4 and Xbox One controllers. If you’re wondering what it’s like behind a mouse and keyboard though, you’re in luck.

Where can I get my hands on Battlefront for the PC?

EA has revealed that Battlefront will be playable on the PC next month at San Diego Comic-Con. It will be a part of the annual Nerd HQ event put on by the Nerd Machine.

nerdhq star wars battlefront

What is Nerd HQ?

Nerd HQ is an annual event that goes on concurrently with Comic-Con. It’s not technically part of the convention, but it’s definitely become an essential piece of the Comic-Con experience.

Each year, the event hosts a series of panels (previous guests have included Joss Whedon, Vin Diesel, and Guillermo del Toro), as well as a gaming area where you can get hands-on time with some big upcoming releases.

Where and when is it?

Nerd HQ has moved this year to a new location. It is now being hosted by The New Children’s Museum, just a short walk from the convention center. This change of venue has given the event a ton of additional space, and this year’s going-ons will take place over 35,000 sq. ft of space over three floors of the museum.

The event will be open to the public on all four “full” days of Comic-Con, and is free to attend. Show up early though if you want to try Battlefront, as that game tends to attract a crowd wherever it goes.

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