‘Wreck-it Ralph’ Meets ‘Hotline Miami’ Meets Your Childhood. It’s Awesome.

The Internet’s love of destroying everything good and wonderful is (unfortunately) well-documented and extensive. For every ten billion images of “rule 34” featuring your favorite childhood cartoons, however, somebody occasionally creates something that actually uses nostalgia in a positive way. YouTube user PulpitPower has done just that, and what he has created has to be seen in order to be fully appreciated.

Yep, this guy has taken the main character from Hotline Miami and put him in what is ostensibly an alternate universe where the Disney film Wreck-it Ralph received a hard ‘R’ rating for gratuitous violence. The video features Hotline Miami guy (here dubbed Richard because of the chicken mask from the game) being an absolute dick to all of your favorite video game mascots, from Link to Pac-Man and even Super Meat Boy.

If you have the right sense of humor for it, it’s completely awesome. If you don’t, well, then the video probably still has the potential to be as detrimental to your mental image of Pac-Man as a .jpg of all four ghosts doing unspeakable things to him as Mrs. Pac-Man watches on in horror. No, I’m not making that up. Google it (please don’t, the Internet really is a terrible place).

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