How to Find the Tusken Raider Easter Egg in Star Wars: Battlefront

Did you know Tusken Raiders are hiding in the Star Wars: Battlefront beta?

The easter egg can be found on the Tattooine Survival map. As discovered by FunWithGuru on YouTube, you can spot the Tuskens high in the rocky outcrops on the outer edge of the map. If you have the Jump Pack equipped, you can boost up to them. If you stay too long though, well, Tuskens do what Tuskens do.

battlefront killed by tusken raider

It’s a fun little nod, but making things even wackier is the fact that they aren’t even 3D models of Tusken Raiders. Instead, they’re just pixelated 2D loops taken from A New Hope. Perhaps it’s a temporary thing for the beta? I kind of hope not.

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