Elite: Dangerous – Wings, New From Frontier Developments

Exciting news for Elite: Dangerous fans! This week, Frontier Developments launched the second major update for Elite: Dangerous fans and it’s free to play!

Elite: Dangerous – Wings brings a whole new dynamic to the game, allowing gamers to play with friends in four-player groups and utilize enhanced communication and teamwork to revel in the spoils of the galaxy together.

So, what’s this all about?

In Wings, players can form four-person groups using the Comms panel on their in-cockpit interface. Players that are flying with a wingman will now share data with the wing, including status of the hull and shields, location, and current targets. All players participating in a successful assault on a Wanted NPC or player will share the bounty. Ships can also now be set to follow wingmen in and out of Super Cruise or Frame Shift light-speed travel by slaving their drive to another in the group.

That’s kind of mind blowing.

Yeah it is! Wings is built to accommodate all types of players, through things like through trading, exploring or combat. Co-op groups can be formed in Private Group mode, allowing gamers to play exclusively with their friends, or in Open Play, where they can link up with anyone in the massively multiplayer universe.

Has the game been tweaked to challenge co-op players?

Of course. New signal sources will present players with larger and more powerful groups of enemies to encourage co-op play and teamwork to score the higher bounties that will be offered.

What else should we know about Wings?

There’s a new third-person camera option! You can now view your ship from any angle and take some wicked 16K resolution screenshots.

All of the key content in Wings will be included in Elite: Dangerous for Xbox One and Apple Macs, which will be available later this year.

Elite: Dangerous – Wings is the second major content update on the heels of February’s Community Goals update. The third update will be available in the spring and is going to be called PowerPlay. This update will introduce more major new gameplay features to the Elite: Dangerous universe.

Learn more about Elite: Dangerous.

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