The Steam Summer Sale is Here! Check Out Today’s Deals

So it begins. According to reports, the Steam Summer Sale is here until June 20th. Until it ends… our wallets will be drained, our internet connections will be slowed, and the very fabric of our souls will be tested in a trial by clicking.

What’s this year’s theme?

Monsters, specifically adorable machine ones. There’s a game associated with it. It seems you have to play the game to reach daily milestones to unlock discounts and cards that you can turn into badges. Check out our guide to playing it here. Good luck! Let’s work together and get the best deals.

What are the deals?

With the server being strained with all the traffic, you may not be able to get on. In that case, we managed to see what the deals are early before things got too clogged. Check them out here and plan accordingly:

The DAILY DEALS are as follows:

  • Sniper Elite Franchise 25% – 75% off
  • Tales from the Borderlands: 50% off for $12.49
  • Homeworld Remastered Collection: 60% off for 13.99
  • Darkest Dungeon: 25% off for 14.99
  • Valkyria Chronicles: 75% off for 4.99
  • Grand Theft Auto Franchise: 25% – 75% off
  • X Plane 10 Global: 50% Off for 29.99
  • XCOM Franchise: 50% – 83% off
  • Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution: 82% off for $8.99
  • Hotline Miami 2: 33% off for 10.04
  • Binding of Isaac Rebirth: 50% off for $7.49
  • Farming Simulator 15: 33% Off for 20.09
  • Wreckfest: 50% off for $14.99
  • Don’t Starve: 75% off for $3.74
  • Metro Franchise: 75% – 80% off

The FLASH DEALS are as follows:

  • Papers Please: 50% off for $4.99
  • Outlast: 80% off for $3.99
  • Pandora First Contact: 67% off for $9.89
  • Carpe Fulger Collection: 55% off for $22.48
  • FEZ: 80% off for $1.99
  • Black Mesa: 15% off for $16.99
  • Styx Master of Shadows: 60% off for $11.99
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddyssey: 40% off for $11.99
  • Mirror’s Edge: 50% off for $9.99
  • Might and Magic Franchise: 25% – 75% off
  • Ziggurat: 70% off for $4.49
  • Darksiders Franchise: 80% off for 11.99
  • The Darkness II: 80% off for 5.99
  • F1 2014: 50% off for
  • Viscera Cleanup Detail: 33% off for $6.69

How will we survive this sale/ordeal/test of courage?

Luckily, we have a guide for you. Fear not.

How will I keep myself sane?

We have a guide for that too. Check out our list of the best Steam Summer Sale memes.

Are there any hidden deals we should know about?

No, but there are some great games out there to get that you probably haven’t played yet that will be on discount. Check out our list to see if anything appeals to you. If not, there’s plenty to get in the featured deals.

Is God real?

None of know for sure, really. But if is, Gabe Newell is surely one of his agents.

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