The Best Steam Sale Memes On The Internets

With the annual and much lauded Steam Autumn Sale upon us, we are in a time of great celebration and despair. It being the internet, we’ve found ways of expressing all those feelings of jubilation and (self?) loathing in the form of glorious memes.

So, after you’re done hunting for the best deals using our Steam Sale guide, catching up on all the best underrated gems to pick up, or looking at over the latest daily deals, here’s a place to laugh at all those feelings we have about emptying our wallets to the almighty king of Valve: Gabe Newell.

So here they are: the best of the best and the funniest of the funniest. For your memming pleasure.


1. A Very Steamy Christmas

Our first video is one of happiness and Christmas (and, let’s face it, Steam sales are a PC gamer’s Christmas). We’re fairly certain this is a converted Coke commercial.


My personal favorite.

3. Lord of the Sales: The Battle of Wallet’s Deep

Remember, guys: patience is your friend.

4. Attack on Gaben

This is pretty much all of us during a day of spectacular deals. Sometimes it’s more than you can stand.

5. Rebajas de Steam

Resistance is futile.


In three minutes, youtuber Nate Knob runs through the entire emotional spectrum of a Steam sale through some very clever and very amusing editing. Everything should be able to see a little bit of themselves in this one.


1. It may be in bad taste, but it’s the classic.


2. How we all survive.


3. Patience is your friend. 


4. This is both the dream and the nightmare. 

own games

5. This usually happens on the last day.


6. We’ve all been there. 



We miss any of your favorites? Post them on the comments below and join the meme party! Until then, good fortune on the sale! May your wallet shrink and your steam library grow fat.

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