These Aren’t Photographs, They’re Actually Mindblowingly Realistic Game Screenshots

What you’re looking at isn’t a real apartment. In fact, it’s not even as simple as a CG rendering.

These are actually screenshots from an architectural visualization using Unreal Engine 4. Because it was created using a game engine, the apartment is an explorable space (which you can download and try for yourself here), and while there isn’t much interactivity, it’s still pretty amazing how well the lighting and rendering hold up from multiple angles.

I can’t wait to see graphics like this with a VR headset like the Oculus. The future!

scandinavian-2 scandinavian3 scandinavian-4 scandinavian-5 scandinavian-6 scandinavian-7 scandinavian-8

The apartment looks even better in motion:

The demo was posted to the Unreal Engine forums by an artist named blessod, who writes that it was his first project done in UE4. He’s no stranger to CG though, and has been in the visualization field for over seven years.


Hit page two for a sampling of some of his equally impressive previous work.

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