Star Wars: Lando Calrissian to Get His Own Comic this July

He has owned the Millennium Falcon, smuggled goods across the galaxy, made important changes to the spice mines of Kessel, and served as a general of the New Republic. His name is Lando Calrissian, and the life of this charismatic gambler is certainly colorful and eventful. 

Sadly, this fascinating character has not quite been given the attention he deserves. Until now that is. Charles Soule and Alex Maleev will be teaming up to write and illustrate a Marvel comic covering the adventures of this lovable rogue, becoming the first Lando Calrissian story in the new Star Wars canon.

Lando 5A Fan Favorite Gets the Spotlight at Last

Soule has stated that the story is set before The Empire Strikes back, but given Lando’s chaotic life, that could mean we’ll be seeing any number of events in the comic. We know that by this time, Han Solo has won the Millennium Falcon from Lando in a game of sabacc, and that his ship at this point would probably be the Cobra. Though, it’s certainly possible that the story of him acquiring the Cobra is exciting enough to be featured in the comic.

We may also get to see a number of fine examples of Lando’s crafty and oftentimes hilarious exploits, such as his impersonating a Jedi and attempting to profit from a dead Rancor by claiming he killed he beast. Or perhaps his cruise cut short by his and Bria Tharen’s capture by the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett.

His other adventures will hopefully include the joint raid on the Hutt controlled Ylesia spice colonies with Han Solo and Bria Tharen at his side. Or (quite fitting with his pragmatic nature) his subsequent employment by three Hutts after attacking and seizing the property of another, the hunt for the legendary statuette: the Yavin Vassilika.




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