‘The Secret Life of Heroes’ Art Collection Gets a Second Installment

Even super heroes have to be human sometime. Illustrator Gregoire Guillemin has decided to show us the more “human” side of our much loved crime fighters in an art series tilted “The Secret Life of Heroes.”

He released the first set earlier this year and received a raving response from comic book fans so he decided to release another installment.  As you can see, he has no problem including heroes from both the Marvel and DC Universe’s.

In this installment, you will see Iron Man playing a PS3, Superman picking his nose, and Batman brushing his teeth, among other moments.  All of these prints can be bought at Guillemin’s online store for $20 each.

batmanbrushteeth batmaneatdonut catwoman_0 daredevilusesvisine hulkrolloneup ironmanplaysps3 spidermanpicksnose spidermanscratchesdcotch wonderwomantoliet

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