Star Wars: Check Out This Emotional Fan Comic Exploring the Life of A-Wing Pilot Green Leader

The Battle of Endor is, arguably, the best space battle ever committed to celluloid. Full of fantastic special effects, gripping story reversals, and a nail biting finale, it had both flash and substance. So much substance, in fact, that there have been numerous works in the Expanded Universe that have, well, expanded many of the aspects of the battle… especially the pilots.

Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston took the survivors of Endor and turned their continued adventures into the Rogue Squadron¬†comics and novels, both of which spawned a series of video games. But what about the ones who didn’t make it? Daniel Warren Johnson asked that question and made the answer in the form of a web comic.


Wow. Looks intense. Where can I check it out?

He has the whole thing up at his website. Give it a look. It’s short, but very sweet.

Thanks! Is there any other info about the pilot in Canon or the EU I should know?

ROTJ A-wing pilot

The pilot’s name in the EU was Arvel Crynyd. He was posthumously awarded the New Republic Medal of Bravery and had a new medal created in his honor soon after. A captured Imperial-class Star Destroyer was also named after him as well.

Cynyd’s character is often confused with another A-Wing pilot, Sila Kott, who was played by a woman but whose lines were dubbed over by a man in post production. In addition to her, several other female pilots were cut from the Battle of Endor, many of which appear on the deleted scenes on Star Wars blu-rays.

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