Watch Deadpool Tease His Own Movie Trailer

The official Deadpool movie trailer will arrive tomorrow, watch the titular Merc with a Mouth tease the big event. Video above.

Is this the same teaser from Comic-Con?

It’s part of it (mostly). It’s a slightly edited version of the intro that preceded the full trailer at Comic-Con last month.

Will the full trailer also be the same then?

In all likelihood it will be pretty similar; maybe with a coat of polish, some editing tweaks, and updated visual effects. That being said, two versions of the trailer will debut this week, a green band version and a red band (the Comic-Con cut was decidedly red band).

Both will likely make their way online, with the green band one also attached to Fantastic Four later this weekend.

When is Deadpool out again?

Deadpool will be released on February 12, 2016.

And it will be a part of the X-Men movie universe?

Presumably! How though is a bit of mystery.

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