Looks Like We Won’t Be Getting That Terminator Genisys Sequel After All

Close, but no cigar.

In case you couldn’t tell, that was an Arnold joke. But, for fans of the latest Terminator film this doesn’t seem to be a laughing matter. Despite a lackluster domestic box office and a generally scathing reception, there was talk of Terminator: Genisys‘ international box office being large enough to possibly justify a sequel. The film was especially popular in China, where action heavy special effects driven tent poles tend to do fairly well.

Unfortunately, according to The Hollywood Reporter it seems the film’s decent showing internationally isn’t enough for it to be in the black. Apparently the film is still losing money and the plans for more films creating a Terminator cinematic universe are “on hold indefinitely.”

Wait, they wanted to make a Terminator Cinematic Universe?

Apparently. Is it that outlandish? Everyone is trying to do it these days, despite the fact many franchises they’re trying to do it with don’t really have much potential for it. But, as long as Marvel is printing money everyone’s going to want to try the same thing.

How would they have done a… TCU?

We’ll never know for certain, as it’s not going to happen. Presumably, it would have started with the other two entries in the proposed trilogy that started with Genisys. Obviously, that won’t happen before the rights revert back to James Cameron in 2019.


Will James Cameron do anything with the Terminator rights?

It’s possible he may produce something, but don’t expect him to write or direct. He’s in the Avatar business right now and probably isn’t thrilled with the sequels to his first two entries.

Would the Terminator Genisys sequel had happened if the reaction to the first film was more positive?

We’re actually going to go with no on that one. After all, Pacific Rim was in a similar situation with a disappointing domestic take and a good international box office, and although it’s something of a cult film people on the whole enjoyed it much more. Yet, despite coming close to getting a sequel word on the street is that is probably won’t happen.

Will we ever get a new Terminator movie?

One day it’s very likely. We imagine it’ll be a smaller film much like the original, since all the attempts to replicate the spectacle of T2 haven’t worked out very well so far.


  1. I tried to figure out this movie and it gave me a headache. On the good side knowing Hollywood makes such garbage I know I could write a hell of a storyline.

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