Star Wars: Here’s the Cover for Battlefront: Twilight Company

Here’s the official cover for the upcoming novel, Battlefront: Twilight Company

What is a “Twilight Company”?

That would be the name of a company of Rebel Alliance soldiers. Here’s how they’ll tie into the new Star Wars canon:

When orders come down for the Rebels to fall back in the face of superior opposition numbers and firepower, Twilight reluctantly complies. Then an unlikely ally radically changes the strategic equation—and gives the Alliance’s hardest-fighting warriors a crucial chance to turn retreat into resurgence.

Also revealed was this nifty patch that Twilight Company members wear:


When can I read this one?

Twilight Company is out on November 3.

In the meantime, there’s plenty of Star Wars material to add to your reading list including Heir to the JediLords of the Sith, and on September 4, Aftermathwhich will be one of the first stories set after the end of Return of the Jedi.

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