Star Wars: Is This Our First Look At The Force Awakens Lightsaber Battle?

This is an exciting one. Seeing a new lightsaber battle in a Star Wars film is like Life Day morning for movie fans (especially ones who just got that reference), so it’s a real treat to see what is very likely our first glimpse of a lightsaber battle from The Force Awakens.

Let’s see it.

Will do. Check it out:

Blocking some fight beats.. #training #shinobi87beats

A video posted by Rhye Copeman (@rhyecopemanstunts) on

Okay, what am I seeing here?

This comes straight from the instagram profile of Rhye Copeman, the stunt coordinator on The Force Awakens. His extremely impressive resume includes The Wolverine, The Hobbit, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

The video itself is entitled “Sequence 1 in Hero fight,” which sounds like the code names for The Force Awakens LEGO sets. It’s a few blows from a fight sequence involving a sword wielding opponent against someone with a staff. Any other video may seem disconnected from the film, but there are two characters in The Force Awakens who use those weapons.

Which two characters use a sword and a staff?

Rey and Kylo Ren:



Oh snap.

Indeed. If this is to be believed, then Rey and Kylo Ren will have a tussle at some point in the film. Daisy Ridley herself said she’s been training to fight in the bojutsu fighting style for her staff in preparation for the role of Rey.

But how could Rey fight a lightsaber with that staff of hers?

Well, there are three possibilities on how she could fight Ren in a staff vs. lightsaber battle. The first is that her staff is made of a rare mineral that is lightsaber resistant, such as Cortosis in the Expanded Universe. The second possibility is that her staff polarizes somehow like the force pikes used by General Grevious’ guards in Revenge of the Sith.

Force pikes

The third, and far less likely, option is that Rey somehow acquires or constructs a double bladed lightsaber at some point in the film.

Why is Rey getting a lightsaber unlikely?

It’s certainly not impossible, but The Force Awakens is treating the Star Wars universe in much the same way as the Original Trilogy did: with a sense of wonder. As a result, Force users are very rare and lightsabers are even rarer. When Luke built his own lightsaber for Return of the Jedi, it was treated like a big deal. Even Darth Vader says “Indeed you are powerful” in reference to that fact.

If the film is evidently treating Anakin/Luke’s lost saber as some object worthy of reverence, having another saber on hand- a double bladed one at that – would be disingenuous. Having Rey construct one would also undercut their significance. If that happens, it’ll be in Episode VIII or IX.

Is there any more possible footage of lightsaber combat from The Force Awakens?

No, but you can view a demo of Rhye Copeman’s work for a possible lightsaber fight scene on Vimeo:

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