Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Check Out These New Pics of Finn and BB-8

Yup, there’s more to see than just instagram footage today.

You may remember the Empire has had some coverage of Star Wars: The Force Awakens recently, including a new picture of Kylo Ren and some information on his relationship to the First Order’s mysterious figurehead Supreme Leader Snoke.

Well, we have a little more for you, including two new pictures and the magazine’s actual cover.

Let’s see the cover.

It’s a centerpiece on the adorable little next generation astromech droid, BB-8. Here you go:


The first thing that popped out at us is the circular array just below BB-8’s head. At first we thought it might be a port for its head to lock… but then we realized it’s something else entirely…

If you remember, R2-D2 is very much a Swiss army knife full of gadgets that can be used to interface with computers all over the galaxy… not to mention a handy claw to grab things away from cranky swamp dwelling hermits. Here’s a shot from Return of the Jedi that shows all his gear at once:

With that in mind, take another look at BB-8. He’s got the exact same gear. Only smaller. Wave of the future, guys.

What about the other two pictures?

They don’t reveal too much more. The first is Finn on Jakku in an absolutely stunning shot:


We’re not sure if they used set extensions here, but if not they found a breathtaking site to film. It’s no wonder they wanted to use IMAX cameras here.


The second shot looks like it’s from the village burning sequence. We all long suspected Finn would be here, so here’s our confirmation.

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