Jurassic World’s Big Bad Dino Revealed in Toy Form

It’s New York Toy Fair this weekend, and you know what that means, toy companies spoiling the crap out of movies!

For obvious J.J. Abrams-related reasons, there won’t be any Star Wars stuff there, but there is plenty of Jurassic World. In particular, we’ve got this shot of the evil villain-dino (can dinosaurs be evil?):

Indominus Rex toy 2

Rawr, scary. Take that little army dude.

Oh man, they brought back those battle-scarred dinos from the 90s!

I know right! Those things were the best:


So what’s that new dinosaur called?

It’s called the Indominus Rex, which if you can’t tell, is not the name of a real dinosaur. Instead, this one is a genetically modified blend of several dinos and present-day animals, built in the hopes of creating a cooler theme park attraction. As the trailers have shown, that probably wasn’t a great idea.

Here’s one more toy version of Mr. Rex:

Indominus Rex toy

Why is its head so big?

Big heads are scary. Figure 1:


Fair enough. When is this movie coming out again?

June 12, 2015.

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